Information for GPs

Mentate is a confidential referral network linking doctors requiring clinical assessment with a psychiatrist.


We have established a network of partner psychiatrists who have agreed to offer treatment to doctors.

The psychiatrists have been personally vetted by our clinical team. We aim to match each person’s problem with a psychiatrist who has a special interest in that area.


Mentate recognises that it is essential for doctors to have an ongoing relationship with their General Practitioner. As part of our intake process, a referral for a psychiatrist is required - this is not just for Medicare billing purposes but also to encourage doctors to establish and maintain this crucial connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being asked to refer my patient to a psychiatrist interstate?

Privacy is a major barrier to doctors from seeking psychiatric treatment. As part of our intake process we ask doctors whether they would prefer to see a psychiatrist from their home state or interstate. Our clinical team have made contact with all the psychiatrists in our network to ensure that they are appropriate and hold current AHPRA registration.

Can I refer my patient directly through

Our website currently only accepts self-referrals from doctors. In the long term we will be looking at integration with common GP software.

How long does it take for my patient to be connected with a psychiatrist?

This depends on the clinical situation. We have a triage process which dictates our response time but in general we aim to make a connection within 7 days.

Where is Mentate based? Who is on the team?

While we have partner psychiatrists located across Australia and New Zealand, Mentate is primarily based in Hobart, Tasmania. You can find more details on our team on our advisory committee page.

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